This week wasn’t my best week. There was so much to endure and I’m exhausted. From, work, to projects, to friends and exams. I’m getting sleep-deprived!

 But today was the mother of all days. I found out that I’m not one of the students targeted to get straight A’s. I’m not that upset about that cause my results weren’t that good in the previous exams. What made me feel, you know that “right in the heart” feeling when someone does something to you and it immediately strikes you! That’s what I felt today.

Most of my mates and even ex-mates names were in the list of elite students but I wasn’t. Some of the reasons I felt hurt was I’ve known my mates for more than 5 years and I was hoping that we could succeed together again but it seems they got in, I didn’t. Plus, what really hurts the most was that its as if the teachers didn’t have faith and hope in me to get straight A’s. All the elite students were given a lecture about god knows what but the students that weren’t in the list was just left to do nothing. What are we, just pieces of trash? Its as if we were left aside while the others were complimented and most the teachers focused on them to succeed. Oh and we won’t succeed?

Yeah I was pretty bummed. After that, the day felt passing by so slow as if I was to suffer that day. I told my parents about it and they just said that to let this motivate me to struggle and fight for it. I won’t let that silly thing pull my spirits down but keep looking forward. It ain’t the end of the world, like what my Chemistry teacher told us ‘Unwanteds’. I’m gonna prove them wrong. I will be the first generation in my family to get straight A’s and I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. I won’t focus on anything but the major exams. I wanna create history again. And if God is willing that I will get straight A’s….I’m gonna rub it in all of the teachers faces. I wanna show them that I can change and I can succeed even if I’m not an elite student. We’ll see…


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