Indirectly Direct?


I have talked about this in my previous post, Grow Up, but now I want to emphasize about it.

I have been observing a lot of indirect tweets lately. Its obvious that its been going on for a while but somehow its getting too much. 

What are people trying to prove satirizing someone indirectly? Oh they must think they got balls for doing it publicly. Come on, people doing that are freaking cowards cause they can’t actually say those things to the person face to face. Tweeting indirectly doesn’t make you awesome, you’re just making a fool of yourself. 

The funny thing is its as if they’re talking to themselves. Its like Facebook all over again. people basically need a place to ‘express’ their anger and frustrations towards someone but please do everyone a favor and not tweet about it? Others, who are just tweeting for fun, don’t give a damn about your drama. Go find some place else to show your ‘awesomeness’.

If people are reading your tweets, don’t you feel embarrassed? You’re complaining about someone but how does that make you any better? You must feel like some hot shit, right? In my opinion, there is always something that they dislike about someone. Everything that they do is affecting their lives somehow and they must tweet how they feel about it. So they try their best to find their flaws. How immature can you get?

Last piece of advice, keep your emotions in check? 


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