I have a feeling that I am slightly …..different?? Its hard for me to elaborate what I mean by different. Maybe I am….weird? I’ll try to explain some things.

Firstly, I am straight. Different does not relate any way to my sexuality. That is settled.

Second, I am an observer. I tend to observe other people. I do not stare but merely analyse that person from the outside.I can know how that someone acts just by looking at them and observing how they walk and what they wear.  I also observe my surroundings. I like to look around and see things. I find many things interesting to look at. I even find someone reading a book in Starbucks interesting. When it gets cloudy, I stare at the clouds wondering when will the rain fall. And when it rains, I enjoy the sound of falling water. At night, I would look up at the dark skies and gaze at the stars. I love the night view mostly. It calms me in ways music can’t. 

Furthermore, I think a lot.. My mind never stops working. That’s why I tend to get sleep-deprived. Leave me alone in a room and there’s so many things I’ll be thinking about. I don’t think of a way to get out but how is it out there without me. I wonder if people look for me or juts shrug it off.  If I listen to a song, I listen to the lyrics first then the music. I would try to decipher the meanings and somehow connect them to the rhythm of the song. But I don’t need to do that nowadays cause the music now are just plain dull and cliche. I also think before I speak. Whenever I talk to my friends I would build up words in my mind, arrange them, insert some funny sentences then say them. It took me a while to master this weird way but I got the hang of it. Plus, I would think about the impact of my actions. Whatever I did today, I would think about the implications to the future. I do this the most because I am scared that whatever I did or whatever I said might effect other people or my surrounding. I might had offended someone or did something stupid when I should have done something else. This leads to some feels of regret though. 

Last but not least, I like to imagine. Most of the imaginations I thought of, I would write them in essays. I love to write stories the most because there are no boundaries when it comes to fiction. Conditions that can trigger me into entering the Imagine Nation would be, if you see me sitting alone and just dazing. I can travel to worlds that I have created and even create new stories. After some time of imagining, I came back to reality and just laugh it off. I don’t know but I find imagining fun. I feel like I can write tons of books of my imaginations. Also, I have said that I am a proud Potterhead. I would always imagine myself receiving my letter to Hogwarts and having many adventure there. I would imagine learning Charms with Professor Flitwick, Potions with Professor Snape, Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Lupin and so much more.  I sound childish but what do I care, I love my mind! 

These are the three weird behaviors of mine that make me different, I suppose. I think I’m weird. But hey, that’s just me.


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