Too much

Is it wrong for me to care too much? I don’t like to care too much most of the time.  I care too much about everything. And because of that I get stressed out to the max and I can’t focus on anything. My mood becomes sour and I would be thinking about it all the time. The only way for me to release all the stress is by crying. That’s just it, I’m sick of worrying about things, sick of feeling so stressed and most importantly , I’m sick of crying. I want to be carefree so much but I know I can’t. I care too much. I don’t want to care about stupid things in life like other peoples feelings and judgments, education and life. I just want to live free. Why is it that I worry so much? Why do I have to care so much? But I guess that’s impossible. If I don’t worry about things I end up on the street or homeless. But for once, I just wish everything would just disappear. I would stop caring about other people and not worry on my life anymore. A sweet escape. That sounds nice.


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