Time to Change

I had the opportunity to meet with the counselor today with my best friends. I have been to counseling sessions before but that was because I played tyrant. This time I really needed to see them. This was my future we’re talking about! It was a very good 2 hour and a half session I must say. He spoke to use like he was one of us, a student and a friend. We would tell him all of our issues and he always had the right words to say. Plus, to pass time he would tell us stories about his friends from his school. He and his buddies goofed around a lot and even the teachers didn’t expect them to succeed. But when the results were out, they managed to get excellent results whereas the smart kids in his class failed. It really gave me the impression that, even if you play hard you gotta study hard too. Well, not study hard jut to study smart,you know. 

I told him that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I have too many interests that my minds all jacked up. He told me to discover what I really love and find out what I am good at. I said that I’m into music and I love movies and writing. Then my best friend said that I loved writing stories. He said that I am more to the arts side. The problem was I am a science side student and the possibilities of getting a career based on arts is pretty low nowadays. I was scared that there were not many career opportunities and the pay may be inconsistent. I wanted to be and do something I love and even get a good pay for it. I want to enjoy what I do and am able to support myself financially. He said my main task was to reflect on myself. Ask other friends what were my good points. I might do that later.

The counselor actually gave me the feeling that I wanted to change. I realized that even if I still don’t know my ambitions, I just have to study and get excellent results. Because the results will determine which career suits me best and I would have many more options on choosing a career. I may be more on the art side but now that I am a science student, I should finish what I started until the end. Its too late to turn back so I keep moving forward. I don’t want to feel any regrets in the future when I get on the stage to receive my results. Whatever it is, just go for it.


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