Set aside

You know that feeling when you dislike someone and every thing that person does irritates you. Even their presence just annoys you to the point every word comes out of their mouth is crap. I felt that about someone. Well there were two exactly.

It all started when I first entered a Chemistry extra class. I attend classes every Saturday afternoon and it helped me a lot. Two of my schoolmates were there too so I didn’t feel lonely at all. Before class starts, the teacher wanted us to introduce ourselves. Then there was this girls turn. She said her name, her school and such and when it came to the part about their interests, she talked about her favorite movie which was TWILIGHT. The minute that word came out of her mouth I knew I didn’t like her. I am in no way interested in movies like Twilight. I am a huge vampire fan and Twilight is a disgrace to vampires. Anyway, the girl said she wanted to be a vegetarian vampire (lol what) and she drank tomato juice instead of blood. How messed up was that? Then came another girl. Name, birth date,  school and such then came to interests. And guess what…SHE LIKED TWILIGHT AS WELL! But this time, this girl said she really wanted to sparkle in the sun and agreed that she also wanted to be a vegetarian vampire. I mean come on people!  How can people actually think like that?!

Weeks passed and I had no choice but to meet them every week during classes. They both became friends, OBVIOUSLY.  Its impossible they weren’t. Then one day, we were assigned to work in groups and one of them happen to be in my group with me and my schoolmates. That was the first time we actually spoken in months. I found out that she was okay and shes smart. Surprisingly, we even worked together and we did great in the assignment! I guess her twihard obsession never crossed through my mind again.

And today. I spoke to the other twihard fan. Well she spoke to me first and I guess it was a good start. Shes been nice to me all this time cause I remember she offered me chocolates and sweets and stuff. But I still disliked her at the time so it didn’t count. But now that we started to talk and I guess I could tolerate her. She’s the chatty type even during quiz day. I’m still annoyed with her though. That I can’t get rid off.

I guess that if you set aside your first (bad) impressions of people and actually getting to know them, they are actually good people. I learned not to judge a book by its cover …..or interests… I tend to judge people that way and I think I have ti let go of that. I actually feel glad. Cause there are less people that I dislike in this world. Slightly less.


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