Just Laugh

Long story short, I had a shitty day. I started the day not wanting to talk to other people at school. I only wanted to sit alone at my table. Sadly, where I sat, I was surrounded by guys back, left and right since I sit at the front row . I also had a Biology pop quiz later and I didn’t finish studying cause last night I was busy playing video games. Biology was one of my worst subjects and I couldn’t concentrate with the surrounding. So yeah I was practically freaking out. I felt like I just wanted to leave the classroom. Then when Biology came, turns out there wasn’t going to be a pop quiz. The teacher only gave us a worksheet to pass up before recess . She was pretty busy with a program later after recess which all the seniors, including me, have to come. I was scared shit for nothing. Then after recess, there was a program about science and nuclear and shit at the hall. For 4 hours and a half, I had to sit through one of the crappiest lecture of all time. I was bored to death and decided to go to the bathroom to freshen up. I was just too sleepy I didn’t care. When I got to the bathroom, I met up with some friends and we crashed there instead. Seriously, I think the bathroom was a more interesting place than back at the hall. I hanged out there until the program ended and I regret nothing. After that all ended, my best friend and I went to the cafeteria to get lunch and I was damn hungry. I already took out my money when the workers said that we weren’t allowed to buy food without the teachers permission. I was so damn pissed. It took us half an hour to get a permission from one of the teachers. And when we did and we went to the cafeteria to give them, juniors were already buying food. I just ticked off. Freaking cunts man! After getting lunch, I finally got to my class and I was so relieved I get to chill for a while. And maybe take a short nap. Then, man things keep coming up, a friend told me there was a club meeting at the lab. So I dragged my lazy ass to the lab and attended the meeting. I had to participate in a carnival organized by my school and I was one of the leaders for the exhibitions. I gave some work to my junior members cause I had too many work to do. I mean, being a leader is a big responsibility. And the teacher chose me cause I feel that she trusts me. My job was to make sure everything goes well for that day. Since I’ll be going away somewhere this weekend, I wanted to get things over with before I go. After that, I finally could relax for a while in class. My best friends were there so I guess I felt pretty okay.

I had another lecture, which was History, in the afternoon and I guessed it was gonna be crappy and boring like all the others. We came late to the lecture hall and sat at the front row. So I was prepared for the worst. Then the lecturer came in. He had dark skin so it was obvious he was an Indian guy. When he started talking, all my first impressions of him were washed away. He was funny as hell. He said that he was used to getting looks from other people and he was picked on a lot of his skin color so he joked about it. The lecturer actually helped me memorize two chapters in History in one hour. And that one hour did not feel a thing! The time passed by so fast cause I was having such a great time. Plus, I sat next to a really cute guy. He was an exchange student and a group of students from an art school were to spend a week at our school. He was a quiet guy, he didn’t speak much for the whole time I sat next to him. I guess he was the shy type. I’m not the type that falls in love or likes a guy easily. But yeah he was pretty cute. During the lecture, I could see from the corner of my eye that his eyes were moving quite frantically and he blinked a lot. I don’t know why but I won’t make any assumptions. 

I guess, I just needed to laugh to forget everything that happened today. I even forgot that I was freaking exhausted and bored out of my wits. I ended up having fun. Its amazing,huh. Well half of the day I guess. I owe that lecturer a lot haha .


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