The Perks movie

I have (finally) finished watching The Perks Of Being A Wallflower last night. I give it a 6/10. Its not bad but I’ve watched better. I don’t know whats the buzz about it but to me its an okay movie. Emma Watson was flawless! Ezra Miller was so cool! I wished I had friends like Sam and Patrick. Come on they were so awesome and fun! I think Logan Lerman fit the role for Charlie. He’s pretty much a wallflower in real life. I’m not much of a fan of Logan but I knew him since My One and Only film. He was better in that film. He also had better hair. Anyways, I think I can learn from Charlie. What made me adore the character was he had the initiative to change and start talking to people. Wallflowers look and understand, quote Patrick. I can actually relate to that cause I like to observe the things around me and think about them. I guess Charlie and I are alike. I think the best part was when he motivated himself even though he went through so much in his freshmen year. I was inspired by that. And of course, my favorite quote would be,

At that moment, I know we are infinite



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