Day Well Spent

I am away with my family for the weekend after a stressful week. I really needed a break and this was the perfect time for me to relax my mind.

It has been such an exhausting day. First, I went swimming at the hotel swimming pool. The weather was great and breezy plus the pool was ours since not much people were there. I missed the chlorinated water. I definitely felt calm and content.


Then, I found this place called Crazy Potato. I was curious so I checked it out. The place had a british atmosphere and I find it very cool. I got a chance to taste Cheddar fries which were definitely the best fries I’ve ever tasted! It was so good I bought it twice! The portion was small anyway and I couldn’t get enough. It was delicious!


After that, I wandered around the mall. I stumbled upon a phone cover stall and decided to see some choices. I saw this really cool cover and did not hesitate to buy it immediately. I’m into colors and cartoons so what the heck.


Then, I went off to buy some clothes and pants. I was pretty tired walking around for hours. I became exhausted and I didn’t have the mood for shopping. But soon after, I met some really nice and friendly workers. Their smiles made me smile. It really lifted my spirits up. After hours of shopping, I got hungry so I set off to search for good food. I discovered a place called Carls Jr. I gave the place a shot. Turns out, the food was awesome! The portions were big and free refills! Who can resist free refills? I was really satisfied with dinner and went back to my hotel room full and happy.


I had a great day! Exhausting but fun! Tomorrows my last day, and I planned going swimming with my cousins. I want to make my weekend worth it and enjoy it too


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