In Harry Potter, Harry genuinely liked Luna Lovegood because she was unique. Its not love. But its sort of an appreciation or admiration for her. That’s what I can deduce about it. And today, I felt that. Well, yes I adore Luna of course. This time, its a real person. Admiring someone like a hero or a mentor is different from genuinely liking someone. Its like their presence just lifts your spirits up in a way that’s indescribable. 

I have a fellow boy classmate that I genuinely like. He’s not like the other boys in the class. He doesn’t talk much but he’s the kind that if you get to know him better you will find out that he’s actually an interesting person. He’s a funny one too. Lots of girls in the class fancy him cause he’s cute. He even got gifts from them on his birthday. I wanted to buy him something when I was on a holiday but I was scared that the girls might think different things so I just planned to sing Happy Birthday really loud together with the whole class. And it damn worked he was pretty embarrassed of the attention he got. Even if he was quiet in class, everyone liked him. 

I genuinely like him because, yes his presence, one. And he has the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard. He also has the smile that can light up an entire room. He actually smirked once during an oral exam and all of the girls went mad! Sounds a bit cheesy, yeah? He also doesn’t swear. People swear a lot nowadays and I don’t have anything against it. Its just that its rare that you find a guy that doesn’t swear. Okay maybe it sounds impossible that he doesn’t swear but maybe not much. Or not in public. I like that in a guy.

We walked home together today and we chatted. I could feel peoples gaze around us but I didn’t care. Its not like I had any intentions to do anything peculiar with him. I enjoyed it. I had other friends to walk with but he walked with me. It was nice of him to wait for me. I enjoyed his presence. I genuinely like him. He made me feel that way. And its been years since a boy actually had an effect on me. Yeah I love him but only as a friend. But I could never imagine losing him. I like him being around. Even if we don’t talk for a day cause we’re not that close, looking at him is already fine. Knowing that he is there already makes me happy. Its a nice feeling. Genuinely liking someone. 


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