Struck By Lightning movie


Struck By Lightning originated from a novel written by Glee star, Chris Colfer. Then, it was adapted into a self titled movie starring Chris too. Overall, I give it a 7/10. First of all, I think the casts are great! They really fit with their roles. I loved Rebel Wilson as Malerie. Well, I think she can play any role greatly. Then there’s the plot of the story. It tells the story of Carson Phillips, a high school senior at Clover High School narrating his life after he was struck by lightning at the school parking lot. I love it when movies are narrative. I just like it hearing a voice over describing their lives. To be frank, I think the movie is quite sad. I mean, he was pretty much ridiculed by everyone in school plus an alcoholic mom as a bonus. Chris’s character was a very outspoken, most likely because of his sarcasm and rude demeanor. But in the end even though he went through hell in his high school life and was pretty hated by everybody in school, when the news broke that he died everyone was shocked. Many people came to his funeral. The sad part was when his grandmother put a knitted hat or some sort on his coffin. She always said she missed her grandson. Maybe its mainly because she had Alzheimer’s. I think what made the movie interesting was there were two gay couples. Chris’s character, Carson caught them making out in the boys bathroom and blackmailed them. Besides, they were very cute.  And also, I love the inspirational words they used in the movie. I found so many life-related quotes that I felt motivated by them. Here are some of the quotes:

 ‘Life comes at you fast, it hits you and tries to escape and be expressed in any way possible. In a way, it’s a lot like… lightning

‘Shakespeare once wrote Life is but a dream. And that’s how I live my life. From one dream to the next, hating every update of reality.

At what grade do we stop believing in ourselves? At what grade do we stop believing, period? I mean, someone has to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, someone has to be ballerina. Why not us? I can’t be the only one who gets that.

Carson Phillips: Malerie, why do you film everything? I mean, I’m sure you don’t want to remember everything.

Malerie Baggs: What isn’t worth remembering? With good memories come bad memories and I’ve got a lot of both. At least this way I can fast-forward through all the bad stuff.

A life without meaning, without drive, without focus, without goals or dreams isn’t a life worth living. Life comes at you fast. It runs through your body and tries to escape to be expressed in anyway possible. In a way, it’s a lot like lightning.

Why do some of us have to work so hard for the things we believe in and others don’t? Why do some of us care so much?

What I regretted most was that I lived every day waiting for my life to begin. The higher your cloud, the further your rain falls.

They will believe… Because we’ll spread that shit like Nutella

Okay maybe the last quote didn’t mean anything but I just love how Malerie (Rebel) said it. And I love Nutella. Anyways, I could learn a thing or two from Carson. In the movie,  he wanted to be a journalist and  write for the New Yorker. He was an ambitious person and he would do anything to get to Northwestern University thus reaching his dreams. The thing that we have in common was we loved to write. The movie was matched perfectly to me. I also adored his bravery for speaking his mind. He’s not ashamed to voice out his thought about people and that takes a lot of guts. He doesn’t even care that he was hated by everyone. And of course, I love how he can make everyone remember him in the end after he died. He did so much and maybe changed peoples way of thinking that made people remember him. It shows that he really did leave an impression on everyone he knew. And I admire that. 

Hence, it’s a good movie to watch. I think I’ll start to search for the book and purchase it. If the movie is that good, then the book must be twice as good. A splendid work.


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