Labeling someone means you call someone a specific name or term. Probably based on their personality or just because of who or what they are. I do not like this way of calling someone. For example, a girl that talks to every guy in school is called a bitch and someone who has an iPhone is called rich. I happen to hate that particular word because I have been labeled as that. I’ve been told, “Ooooh you have an iPhone~ you must be on team iPhone.” “You’re so lucky that you have an iPhone, I only have a Blackberry.” “Of course, you’re rich.” “You should be thankful that you’re rich”

Excuse me, but what is your problem? I never consider myself as rich just because I happen to have an iPhone. A lot of other people have iPhones too but that doesn’t mean I mix with that crowd. And yeah I have a habit of helping my friends when it comes to money. When someone is short of cash or forgot to bring their money, I help them pay and they’ll pay me back some other day. And when I’m in a good mood, I like to buy drinks for my friends. There’s nothing wrong with that,yeah? But now, I feel as if that every time others are low on cash, they’ll immediately turn to me and say,”oh she’ll pay”. I’m not a god damn bank. I don’t make money in a blink of an eye. I swear I hate it when that happens. And yeah, whenever I say that I’m not rich, they’ll say that I should be thankful to God that I have been blessed with financial support. I am thankful of it but you don’t have to tell me that. Who the hell are you to point that out? Why are such a damn busybody huh? People also tell me that I’m lucky to be rich. Yeah maybe I man and why do you care? Why is that people think that just because I travel a lot, I have an iPhone and I like expensive stuff means I’m super damn rich? I hate being called that! I’m not! All those money belong to my hardworking parents who work their asses off to support my family! Its not that I show off everything I have to everyone. What? Are you just pointing that out cause you envy me? What the hell is wrong with you?

I faced it again today. First, my friends think I’ll pay for their lunch at McDonald’s and there were 5 of us. Luckily it was just a plan and I told them, in a joking way, hell no I’m paying for your shit. Then, the gang and I planned to go to the Country Club to finish our school project. Since my Dad and I were members of the club, it will be easier for us to use the facilities. A guy friend of mine said that he wanted to join my Dad at the gym. Then my other guy friend said, yeah I’m rich. I was so pissed and I told him off. “I don’t give a fuck if you think I’m rich. Why the fuck should I care about what you say. Fuck off!” Then my friends laughed at him and agreed with me. It felt great to just let it out. Its just that I rarely said the ‘f’ word cause I don’t like it but I couldn’t control myself. My outburst actually shut him up for once. 

To me, its never nice to label someone. That person may laugh about it at the outside, but inside he or she may be a time bomb just waiting to detonate. Exactly what happened to me today. From now on, I’ll tell everyone off whenever they say that I’m rich. Seriously, I don’t need people like them in my life. Oh yeah, if any of the people I know are reading this, I hope that this gets through your thick, empty skulls. 


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