I Shouldn’t Care But Its Everywhere

Extremely glad that I have finished High School. Those were 5 hectic years of my life but hey it has its ups and downs. The ups are the friends, the field trips to beaches and just plain fooling around. And of course there’s the learning period. The part where I am seriously glad that I don’t have to go to school is the people.

I have tolerated them for years and finally I don’t have to face them anymore. I know I shouldn’t care about them but they are everywhere! Since we’re in the same school, the same form, the same floor and such, you can’t help to listen to stupid problems passed around by rumours. Its makes you irritated with the bunch. Plus, with the help of social network, they are creating their own dramas at every corner. I hate being ‘updated’ with their self-centered lives and going to see them everyday for 5 days in a week makes it more annoying. They made me deactivate my old twitter and create a new account for my own personal use. I just wanted to get away from them. The sad part is, some of them are my friends. And I just didn’t want to give a damn about their lives.

I am also glad to be away from people that are not into what I like. They listen to mainstream music, I listen to britpop, rock and indie. Very different genres. I like to watch foreign movies and shows, they watch rom coms. the hunger games, and other shit I don’t watch. I read coming-of-age books,some Stephen King,  they read John Green or whatever the name was, romance books and other shit I don’t read. I don’t like mixing with those kinds. And the people that have the same or almost the same interests as I do are very rare. Its boring really.

Last but not least, I can be myself when I’m not near them. Not that I pretend to be someone else,its just that nowadays people are so judgmental in everything. You talk to your guy friend, nobody bats an eye. But when you talk with a cute guy, everybody loses their minds. You gotta have self-control and you have to please everyone. I don’t work that way. I like doing things my way and I really couldn’t care less what others might think. I’ve been judged, but I keep it professional. I shouldn’t waste my time on arguing with stupid and immature people. They’ll bring me down to their stupidity level.

 I’m happy they’re gone. Adios, amigos. See you in the next millennium. 



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