Temper, Temper

I cannot control my temper.Temper is the beast that lives inside me. A character that appears when it is time to show. Waiting eagerly. Whenever I am not careful, it will emerge from inside and releases its colors. In rage, fury and destructive. Through my eyes, I seek satisfaction. Through my hands, I break everything in sight. Through my mouth, I quietly say to myself inappropriate words that should not be  said.  I lack self-control. A skill which I was never taught. Without it, the beast frequently shows itself. No mercy. I hurt the ones dearest and cause damage that I never though I could ever cause. In the end, I also get hurt. Saying ‘Sorry’ will not fix the damage. Its too late now. I need to control my temper, before it takes over me. I cannot bear causing and taking damage because of it. When Temper took over, I lost my grip of sanity. I am not me. I became a figure like Temper, a beast. A beast that does not give a damn of whats happening around me. And when Temper disappears, I come back to reality. I realize what I had done. I tried to fix everything back to how it was but time would not let me. Everything’s broken. Including me.

I need to learn to control my Temper. I need self-control. I need to keep my cool. I need more time.


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