Letter to a Friend

Dear friend, 

How have you been? its been years since we have spoken face to face. How was school? How was the exams? D’you think you did okay? I have so many questions to ask you. And yet we never had the chance to meet. The years have definitely passed fast and now the chance of us meeting is one in a million. School is over. 

We were not school mates. Yet we met outside of school, in a different kind of environment. I was an outcast, an outsider and somewhat an alien. No one wanted to connect. I decided to distant myself as there was no use in trying. Everyone around were contrasting with my likes and belief but yet we speak and learn the same languages. I was alone. I thought I was alone.

Then you came in. You outshine every single one of them. Your level of intelligence, self-confidence, outspoken nature and sense of creativity. But most of all, you were an outsider too. It made you special and unique. I admired you. I wanted to seek knowledge from you and you humbly guided me. We connected in an instance. 

Little did we know, we were about to go our separate ways. We promised to see each other again, in the same environment like before. Sadly, luck would not let us and we detached just like that. Promises were meant to be broken but our connection was still there. There were opportunities for use to rekindle our friendship, but there never was a chance. One day, however, I almost thought that our bonds were officially broken, a mate of mine said you sent your regards to me. It made my day. Even If I could not see you again, my hope for it to happen still exists. 

My friend, thank you. I will always remember you. Even though time will not let us, for what its worth, I will try to make time. I would love to see you again. My modest friend.

Your friend,

Amee x


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