I Lost You

The biggest mistake I’ve ever done. The most crucial feeling of regret. I knew it would happen but I never felt this terrible. And that was when I lost you.

We were two against the world. Walking through life like there is no tomorrow. When we fall, we pick each other up and continue like nothing was wrong. I cherished our moments. The endless calls at night and crash at each others homes. We didn’t care. We never cared then. We were practically twins. Everyone said so. Not because we looked alike, we came from different families. But its because we were always together. Side by side. Laughing and smiling like real twins. We showed the same expressions and gestures. Our minds were in sync. We were a team of two. Just us. Didn’t you think?

Things changed. We grew apart. We were not in sync anymore. We are two different people. Life changed us so there was no one to blame. We still meet but its just not the same. You had your own team and so did I. Not that I don’t enjoy my companies but I still wished it was just us.

I never regretted anything I said or did with you. Because those were the wonder years. The years that I will always look back to. And laugh at every memory we created. I hope I’m not the only one who goes down the same memory lane. Wouldn’t it be great if we were to stumble upon each other there, again? For old times sake. It maybe a long shot but I still have high hopes. That someday, everything will be back to normal. Don’t you? . . . .


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