Rush Run

Everyones on the run. Trying to chase for the wasted time. Thinking its not enough to pursue their unnecessary needs. Proving to others that they can. When the truth says their time cannot be replaced. Even if they have reached the destination. Endless chatter although all of it is pointless. Everyones wearing their mask. To bury their uncertainty. When you’re all just vain.

I wanted to leave. But I was trapped under the watchful eyes. I did not want to be there. Too many figures around made me think otherwise. Pretending with the surrounding tires me. Honesty is the best policy. Yet I cannot apply.

Stop the pressure. I do not enjoy the moment of leisure. Not a single hint of pleasure is shown. I may be under the shades but it does not make up for the lost time. Let me out of the opened doors. And I shall run where the roads will take me home. Home is where the rush is gone.


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