Every part of the human being is fragile. No matter what biological fact we may have learned, we are undoubtedly fragile. We are delicate, sensitive, emotional, self-conscious beings. We can be altered psychologically, but never physically. But we can improve. Get stronger, mind and body. And its all depends on the individual. Wether we have the efforts and motivation to change. Before the society step on us, we need to see the world as it is. Not what it was before. The challenges are tougher and the inhabitants more incompetent. To us, that is our challenge, to embrace the difficulties and strive to overcome them. No one is weak, no one is alone. We all live under the same sky, the same system. For now, we just need to find ourselves. Discover our needs and talents. And use them as our weapons to overcome the challenges. We are fragile, but we are our own savior.


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