Mysterious Skin


I had a Midnight Movie last night and I stumbled upon this movie. Mysterious Skin is a tale about two boys , Neil and Brian. Neil, since he was 8 has claimed that he was abducted by aliens whereas Neil, at the age of 8 was sexually abused by his pedophile baseball coach. Ever since, he has been interested in middle-aged men. At the age of 15, he became a male prostitute, sleeping with men in the town of Huntchinson. In Brian’s case, he has been having dreams about UFOs and writes them down in a dream journal. As the movie progresses, these two boys meet and their stories connect as they find out what really happened when they were 8. Mysterious Skin was originally a book with the same title by Scott Heim. He is well known for writing novels on mystery, sex and childhood trauma.

It was a good movie. I watched it alone as it really wasn’t appropriate for the family. To me, going to be early was lame so I decided to browse randomly on the internet. I was on Tumblr, looking for random tags ranging from music to movies. There is where I found Mysterious Skin. It was a gif of young Joseph Gordon Levitt, I was very intrigued so I searched the move. Luckily, I was ver lucky that night, I found a website to watch full movies online via mobile. Who would want to miss that chance?

I’m open minded with most things so I didn’t have a problem with the themes of the movie, which was focused on sexual abuse, homosexuality, drug use and pedophilia. I am fascinated by movies which touch on sensitive themes and I feel this movie was for me. The movie does not reflect my life in any way but I love learning new things from other peoples perspective, especially from the eyes of a director or a novelist.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was amazing. His acting was so superb. Always been a fan of him since 50/50 and (500) Days Of Summer. He could really play the role of a gay teen with a fucked up life. But I didn’t pay much attention much on his character. Brians story was interesting to me. Talking about aliens and things. He was pretty cute too. The storyline was very interesting and it really did reflect on the social issues.

I give it a 7/10. Not many people may agree watching this movie but movies like this is what we need nowadays. Very good.

Bonus: my favorite quote from the movie



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