Christopher and His Kind


I had another Midnight Movie night/early morning. When its Midnight Movie night, I will watch a movie (any movie that intrigues me) at 12am to 3am-ish. Its the perfect time to watch a flick alone with no disturbances. I think its becoming a routine now.

Anyways, I have just watched Christopher and His Kind, starring Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor of the well-known show, Doctor Who) and Imogen Poots (Fright Night, Ch@troom) . To be frank, I have never watched Doctor Who before. I only know of its existence thanks to Tumblr. I know David Tennant was the Tenth Doctor and he is a marvelous actor. Imogen Poots on the other hand, I love seeing her in movies. Shes just amazing. And I was surprised to see them in a movie like Christopher and His Kind.

First off, the movie tells the story of Christopher Isherwood’s life in Berlin in the early 1930s. The movie was adapted from Christopher Isherwood’s autobiography of the same title. Of course I was intrigued with this movie. Mainly of the actors, the plot and the setting. I am not much of a history fan but I do enjoy the setting of the movie and a little history lesson.

Throughout the movie, I was quite surprised to find…well….explicit contents. I did not want to research the movie beforehand, that would not be thrilling. Of course, I try my best not to watch some of the scenes. The entire movie is not explicit, but I think many would rate it as NC-17. I have already passed that age so I do not worry.

In my opinion, Matt Smith was great. Even if I have never seen him in Doctor Who, he is a great actor. Very posh he was. Haven’t read the book yet but maybe Christopher Isherwood was posh himself. Matt was also a homosexual in the movie. It also surprised me because I will never see Matt the same way again. But hey, thats what makes a great actor. A person who can play different roles in different genres of movies. What made me chuckle was the early scene where Christopher was talking to his mother, of not wanting to be a doctor. How ironic. Plus, Imogen Poots plays a cabaret singer and Christopher’s friend named Jean. I adored her because she was amazing. Loved the personality and her singing was not bad. Some people were not in favor of it which I do not understand.

The movie was set in London in the early scenes and Germany, during the era when the Nazis ruled. I enjoy seeing historic settings especially in the 1900’s. Old fashioned, you know.

I will not reveal anything from the movie, spoilers would ruin everything. But overall, I give it a 7/10 stars. It may contain sensitive themes but its still nice to watch. Matt Smith though


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