The Blame Game

Come with me and lets play
They call it the blame game
The rules are easy to follow
You just need to listen
The players are limitless
But you need to be quick
Those who are the blame
Will face the consequence

Lets start with a prayer
Hope for the best for one another
Before the battle begins you must know
Emotions are not to be shown
Ready your mind with endless excuses
You will need them in your quests
The objective of the game
Is to feel the pain

Everybody will play their part
The tables will turn
The test of true strength
For how long will you survive
The ways are full of deceit
But will prevent from defeat
The question remains
Who will you be?

Everyone will see
And those who are weak will fail
Break down on your knees
But don’t shed a tear
Or you will lose your chance
To be the leader of the clan
And that will be the end
So let the game begin


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