Guilt Trip

i’m sorry but I feel guilty
Knowing that I don’t deserve the best
When I’ve done nothing good
To please you
It doesn’t feel right
To be treated with royalty
Although I didn’t keep my promise
Which was to make you proud
And I failed
Yet you gave me anything I desire
In a blink of an eye
In the shortest of time
Even after what I said
I didn’t expect
To become a reality

Is it wrong for me to feel guilty?
I’m not a saint but I have a fair share of sins
I’m drifting away
To how I was before
I hope to be forgiven
For everything I’ve done
No one may know it
But my self suffers
As I go day by day with no worry
The clock is ticking
I still don’t feel scared
As the song goes To The End
I don’t want to make it yet

still waiting for someone to save me
It could be you
I am human that needs care
I can’t wait too long
Before my hope is gone
I’m not charmless
Trying not to be
So please guide me
Back to the road that I’ve been driving
Walk to the home where I was born
Don’t make me wait
Cause I won’t live forever


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