My Boss, My Hero (Japanese Drama)

Yo, minna-san! Its been a while since I’ve watched a Japanese drama. Aah I remember being such a fan of everything related to Japan from culture to music. Indeed, I have listened to numerous bands such as 嵐(Arashi, means Storm), NEWS, KAT-TUN and also female artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Namie Amuro. Yes, I adore Japan. I would love to go there someday. Moving on, I have found an app that allows me to watch japanese dramas. How can I resist to relishing on my old past likes? There was a drama that I have been dying to watch for years but never had the chance to. Now that I have that chance, it is one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. And it is My Boss, My Hero.


My Boss, My Hero tells a story about Sasaki Makio, or Tornado (as people would call him for reasons, find out when you watch it), a 27 year old member of a notorious yakuza. He is the heir to the title of Boss, after his father. Although, an incident happened because of his stupidity, his fathers condition of him being the Boss is he has to graduate high school. But there is a catch, no one has to know his true identity. Thus, he struggles with school life in order to obtain the title as Boss before his well-educated, fickle younger brother, Mikio gets it. The drama centers on school life, friendship, love (yes it has to, but I promise you its not that bad), hardship and youth.

I really loved this drama. I specifically enjoy it when the main actor is a guy and Nagase Tomoya who plays Sasaki is such a superb actor! He will tickle your funny bone with his hilarious antics, peculiar facial expressions and even cry at his downs. What a talented actor. I admit that I had cried a little while watching but that shows how good the drama is! This show was a remake of the South Korean movie, My Boss, My Teacher. But, I guarantee that this drama beats the movie hands down. I’ve watched both of it and may I say the drama is 10 times better! One of the best things about Japanese dramas is that they always have life lessons encrypted in each episode. You can actually learn a thing or two from watching it.

It mainly focuses on youth, life of teens, the struggles of teens, student life, studies, love life and so much more. I am pretty sad that I watched the drama after I graduated high school so now I wish I could relive some of the memories back. Nonetheless, I had a great time watching it. Overall, 8/10 stars. Amazing!


4 thoughts on “My Boss, My Hero (Japanese Drama)

      1. Well, if you like that sort of things (and I do 🙂 ) there is an even less serious version of GTO : Gokusen.
        Be warned, you’ll get hooked in no time !


      2. Really?? Many have said Gokusen is a good drama. I will watch it too! Just finishes GTO. Waah it was great! Thank you again! I’m scared that I will get hooked on it haha


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