Great Teacher Onizuka (Japanese Drama, 2012)


So I have finished watching GTO today. Great Teacher Onizuka is about a gardner at Meishu Academy, a prestigious school in Japan. One day, he witnessed a student trying to commit suicide by jumping from the school roof. He was able to talk down the student and later found out that he was bullied by 3 female students. Onizuka befriended him and helped him solve the problem with his chaotic methods and succeeds. The director of Meishu Academy, Sakurai Yoshiko, saw Onizuka’s effort in solving students problems, she hired him as a teacher. From then on, he tackles every problem faced by his students and is tested to great lengths.

I just want to say the drama was amazing. Every episode is so entertaining and I couldn’t stop watching it until the end. I confess, I cried while watching some episodes. You can never expect whats going to happen and Onizuka goes through really serious shit on the way. Very very intriguing and hilarious.

I wished I had a sensei like him. I would’ve enjoyed my high school years. Nonetheless, 8/10 stars! And I just found out that there will be a new series in July this year! But don’t worry, the main casts are the same. Trust me, its a very good drama. (y)


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