When I look at you

When I look at you, I see what you are trying to hide. Underneath the layers of smiles, behind those bright eyes. I can see through you easily. It doesn’t take a genius to figure you out or an expert to tell you who you really are when you already know. But it takes a different perspective to see that you are struggling. Trying to be someone out of your reach. Distinct people from distinct worlds. Before you hurt yourself, stop. Stop pretending you’re fine with how the world treats you. Stop waiting for people to notice you while you have no effort to change. I know you well. To see a sad and lonely little person trying to fit in with society. Dependent on past connections and faceless acquaintances. But you were never honest with yourself.

When I look at you, I see someone I used to know. Someone that was like you. Only the said person had changed and left you aside. A person who could escape the past, embraced the present and moved forward to the future. While you were stuck in the past, the person relishes life. You remained behind. Too afraid to face what the world might throw at you. Still tied to the only memory that kept you and the person in mind. Its hard to let go but time won’t wait for anyone. Before you enter a new stage of life, let go of the past. You may look back once in a while but refrain from reminiscing. You will fall back. . .

When I look at you, I could see the vulnerableness. How little changes will affect you. Sensitive, fragile, careful you are. You need to believe. Start believing you can push through. Accept the obstacles of life and push the barriers of limits. Whereas there was never any limit to anything. The only thing preventing you to fulfill your dreams is you. Equipped with a brilliant mind and undoubtedly have great potential, you can be anything. Keep walking ahead. Don’t just stand aside, don’t ever be denied. Keep going. The struggles you are facing now is a mere test to see how far you will go. Don’t look down just yet. You are still full of youth. But don’t let time be wasted.

When I look at you one day, I hope to see a butterfly. Gliding majestically, showing off its colors. There are doubts, but I still believe in you. For I will always be watching. Waiting for us to celebrate together again. Till that day, I wish you the best. From a dear friend, to a loyal mate.. .


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