I’ve Said This Once and I’ll Say It Again…Hopefully For The Last Time

People fucking annoy me. People generally. I can’t go one day without sighing or rolling my eyes. If I didn’t control myself,my eyes would be stuck in my eye sockets. I don’t hate them. They just irritate me  till I have the urge to punch them in the face. But no, seeing that I am a college student now and studying to be a doctor plus the college I go to has a reputation to uphold, I refrain from doing so. However, there are days when I can be humble to everyone, then there are days when I just wanna show the finger to everyone and tell them to fuck off. 

I don’t get why people tick me off so quickly. Is this what happens when you go to college? Thank god I only have a few months left till the program is done. This place is a nightmare. I just wished that people would leave me alone so I can study in peace, pass my exams with flying colours and make my parents proud. That’s not so hard to ask. But nooooo, college had to be full with wannabes, pricks and just plain dumbasses. Last semester, I was the leader for an IT group and we had an ongoing assignment. We were closing in on the dateline but when I wanted to meet up for a discussion, three dickheads never showed up. And when I found out I had the power to give them low scores in contribution, they showed up in the last minute. Bunch of wankers. 

I hope I don’t kill anyone this semester. I don’t know how to stop getting easily annoyed with people. I cringe at them too much. I can’t keep this much dislike of them. I need to find a way to start to like them. Or I don’t care about them at all. I like the second choice. I’ll try that out.


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