Keep Coming Back

I’ve said this a million times already and yes I’m back again. Life update:

I’m taking my degree in Software Engineering. Sad, innit? From premed to IT out of the fucking blue. Turns out my results weren’t up to par with the requirements that the uni wanted but I am honestly glad. My friends taking medicine and other science related courses are suffering like hell and I actually enjoy taking IT. I have never imagined myself being a doctor. I remember going to the medical faculty and yest it was full of awes. Then I saw the schedule, I thought, fucking hell is that what I want to go through for 4 years? I had so much doubts but then it finally showed. I’m also glad my parents finally know that they can’t choose my career for me. I know they never had the full confidence in me being a doctor anyway.

Another thing, I’m so fucking happy that my good friends from primary and secondary school happen to be in the same course as me. I’m not alone going through shit assignments and crazy projects. I’ve met so many cool people in one semester so far. Most of them taking IT courses were also from premed or taking engineering courses. I have a feeling the IT faculty is just a dump site of failed doctors or engineers hah. The usual struggle of uni is always there only in degree it’s twice as hard. Cause you have free time but not actually free since you’re riddled with stress everyday. I almost went nuts during mid-semester exams. Fucking hell.

I’m done with one semester and it was one hell of a ride. It’s still new to me in some way but most of it I’ve experienced during premed and I got used to it in a short time. I’m trying to update always but it’s so hard coping with time and everything so bear with me. Thank you for still staying with me through it all. If you were always reading my posts, you can see how much I’ve changed in the years hahaha.  I will be updating often here now that I’m free. Be sure to see you soon! x



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