People “Change”

Hello again! It’s been ages and I am finally done with my first year in uni! It’s been hell I admit. I’m on break for a couple of months and no longer staying in (the seventh circle of hell) dorm, I have no excuses not to update anymore. 

I wanted to talk about the saying, “People change”. It could mean anything. Let’s just take in example of two parties that experienced their friends or families that have ‘changed’.  The first party, which is greatly affected by their friends changing (for better or worse) who they are. They are so devastated that they and their certain friends not talk to them anymore, rarely see each other to the point of zero contact. They might think their friends don’t care about them anymore or their tired of being the third wheel. It’s a normal phenomenon which causes close friends to not feel close anymore and results to being strangers again.

The other party, assumed to be the one who ‘changed’ that are always the ones to blame for their lack of attention or being not loyal to their friends , however are living their lives like they always do and probably not be aware of the other parties “emotional turmoil”.  When in truth, they are just not the kind of people that bothers with the necessity of keeping in touch 24/7 . They have showed the effort of keeping in touch with the other party for so long, which the other party never seems to acknowledge their effort in doing so, is done with it. If the other party wont even have the time and effort to even show that they care, then there’s no need to keep doing so. 

You can’t expect people to come to you all the time. If you want to take care of your friendship/relationship, show some effort. Don’t jump to conclusions saying your friends are now a bunch of snobs. They have lives too. Why not shoot a text or tweet or even chat up on Facebook. With the various social platforms, it is impossible to say that you can’t even say hi. Don’t let your emotions take over your head. 

As I get older, I realized that I prefer having a small group of close friends. The effort it takes to always keep in touch is tiring and if they’re the type to just reply in short messages then I’m just wasting my time. And if you don’t keep in touch they’ll think you met new friends and is now a major snob when in reality, I just can’t give a shit. You can’t deny that you start to choose who to be friends with so that you wouldn’t have to go through useless drama in the future. In uni, I only have two very close friends and so far I’ve survived for two years now. I’m happy with it.


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