Is It Really Cool?

I have been wanting to write about this for a while now. It’s just something I find weird and I guess it’s became a trend somehow. You know how trends are, start something and everyone will follow and it’ll get viralled. Don’t get me wrong, I do indulge myself in some trends like the various challenges, even the mannequin challenge which I did with my cousins a few months back. There’s just this particular trend, well I call it trend since I see it happen a lot. It’s when people disrespect their parents.

What a big reveal, eh? What trend am I talking about? Am I going to diss people for following a trend? Oh, it’s disrespecting parents. Whoop dee doodle do.

Look, it sounds boring because I’m talking about parents but I feel the need to address this as I see it too much and I feel terrible just watching on TV or hearing about it in the news or reading an article about kids dominating their parents and shit. It’s not cool. It’s stupidly rude.It’s even more stupid that the kids got it on video or “do it for the vine” and post it online on their social media accounts. Are the new generation of kids this uneducated and immature?

I see kids on the street screaming at their parents because they didn’t buy what they want; and it’s usually never cheap what their parents “wrongly” bought. I even witnessed my cousin’s cousin screaming at my cousin’s mother to buy a fucking smoothie. I seriously wanted to yell at her because she was being so loud and immature. We were in the middle of a fucking shopping mall. I couldn’t take that kind of monstrosity. My aunt had to do it just so that she shut up about it.  I can see that kids of the new age really don’t know manners or know the meaning of respect. It can be due to 2 reasons, lack of parent guidance or just their arrogance of them being a spoiled brat.

When have parents start to listen to their kids’ orders? Why would they even let their children do what they want? I was raised in a strict household and yes I have rebelled in my younger years and my parents would control me from time to time. I admit I said I hated them for a while and even became an emo (worst phase ever) but my parents never gave up to keep me from going astray. I slowly realized that being emo did nothing good and what my parents said about doing it fro my own good was right. I “sobered” up and started being serious in my studies. I now go to a good local uni and have strong relationships with my family. 

Parents always know best. They lived longer than us and have seen and experienced the life before us. They deserve all the respect by their children and their sacrifices for us can never be paid. Kids of the new generation should understand that when parents say, “It’s for the best.”, they know what is best for you. They know the hows and the whys. And whatever they do, it’s because they love you and want you to live a better life than theirs. Treat them like they are the kings and queens of your world. 


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